Meet Our Friends

(and podcast guests)

The founder of Karma

Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren had a promising career as a doctor, after having studied at the medical university Karolinska Institutet. However, he decided to start his own company, Karma, together with Elsa Bernadotte and Ludvig Berling. The start-up, an app that helps you rescue unsold food from being wasted, is being used by companies as Scandic and restaurants such as Michelin-starred Matbaren by Mathias Dahlgren. Karma is supported by its partners, The Sustainable Restaurant AssociationMartin & Servera and Whywaste.

Forbes has mentioned Hjalmar and his two co-founders on the prestigious list 30 under 30. Hjalmar is being interviewed by Moa and Åsa in EA Podden.

The founder of Viktoria Chan

Established in late 2013, Viktoria Chan creates clothes for the independent woman, who seeks to empower herself in her personal style. The philosophy behind the brand is about a woman who walks into a room, where all light is shed on her, not because of the clothes but the woman she becomes in the clothes.
Viktoria Chan is a Swedish designer brand, embodying a blend of structured simplicity and modern sophistication to create the perfect office and evening look for the urban career woman.

Co-founder of Zuburban

Markus Linhardt is one of the co-founders of Zuburban. Zuburban develops, builds, sells and rents out “tiny-houses” also called “Attefallshus” in Swedish. Their business is divided into two areas; Smart Living Solutions and Property Management. Within Zuburban Smart Living Solutions they are developing the most modern and future orientated compact living spaces on the market. Using compact living solutions are available to house owners in Sweden to place on their plot without any building permits. 

PR consultant and copywriter

Rebecca Matarasso is a former Uppsala student with a Bachelor’s degree in media and strategic communication. She works today as a PR consultant and copywriter at Pretto PR.