Female Start-Up Day is an event driven by women – for women only. Each semester we appoint a new project group consisting of two women to plan this great day. Then we welcome 20 female students from Uppsala to participate. This event has proven to be highly appreciated amongst women.

We think entrepreneurship is awesome.
Participate in FSD if you do too.

Spring 2019

May 8, 2019. Female Start-Up Day took place in the co-working space for women – Hera Hub, Uppsala. Inspirational female entrepreneurs and a bunch of female students – great speeches, delicious food, and inspiring talks.

Michaela Berglund – Feminvest

Michaela runs the network Feminvest, which has the ambition to inspire and educate women to dare to own more, both as investors and as entrepreneurs. The network currently has 20,000 women of all ages with the common denominator to see their ownership grow in different ways.

Susanne Bredenberg – Emplicure AB

Susanne is the CEO and one of the founders of the pharmaceutical company Emplicure. She has a background in pharmaceutical research and experience from various leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry. Susanne has an interest in organizational development and especially in innovation development. Her goal is for Emplicure to develop into a company where the employees feel comfortable and develop, where it is obvious to share knowledge and experiences so that both the people and the company can grow.

Martina Kaski – Eldstickan

Martina is the founder of Eldstickan. She had long been looking for something esthetic to light candles. When she could only find the classic matchbox in a cardboard box, she came up with the idea of producing her own product. “Instead of hiding matchboxes, I wanted to create something elegant that one wants to have. In the same way as scented candles have taken a natural place in the home as an interior detail, the matchbox should also be able to do it.” Martina came up with the idea of the glass bottle and during her maternity leave she went around with her stroller to various interior stores to show off the product and capture the interest.

Adeline Sterner – Maison Fortunée

Adeline is a serial entrepreneur focusing on retail and consumer. After a career at McKinsey & Co, she founded her first company, Add Ice Cream. She sold Add Ice Cream to an international player and moved to Los Angeles to expand the business. In 2018 she left the company and focuses now on her new venture, Maison Fortunée. Maison Fortunée is an interior design brand with a D2C model. She is also an investor and recently became a mother. Her talk will focus on how you start a company from scratch – something she is passionate about. “Whether you want to build an empire or have a business on the side, it’s a key skill everybody should learn.”

Case with Rebbel Mountain

We dug deeper into the topic “how to use a one-page business plan as a tool to turn your business idea into a business”.

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