Privacy Policy

Since May 25, 2018, the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies in all
of EU member states. The regulation is equated with the law and means wholesome changes for those who process personal data and strengthen the rights of the individual with regard to personal privacy. In this privacy policy is presented how Entrepreneurs Academy works to protect the privacy of their members.

Entrepreneurs Academy works on the following principles when dealing with data:
• Purpose restriction
• Task minimization
• Correctness
• Storage minimization

Rights as a member
As a member of the Entrepreneurs Academy you are entitled to the following:
• Access your personal information
• Get incorrect information corrected
• Get your data deleted if the data is no longer necessary
• Find out how long the association will store personal data
• Submit a complaint to the Data Inspectorate

To get help exercising your rights regarding your personal information, please contact:

Handling of personal data
This section presents how the Entrepreneurs Academy handles personal information about you and the members of the association, what kind of personal data stored and what the purpose of the storage is.

What personal data is processed?
Personal data is any kind of information that can be linked to a physical
person. The personal data that the Entrepreneurs Academy processes are
the name, address, email address, phone number, date of birth and photos in it to the extent that the association is in need of this information.

Purpose of treatment
Entrepreneurs Academy processes your personal information in order to be able to invite you to various association-related events such as events, lectures, projects, and workshops. Processing of personal data takes place also within the framework of the association’s newsletter, which shows events such as concerns the association and its development in various respects. Personal data may also be used for statistics and analysis.

Legal basis for the processing of personal data
It is a common and legitimate interest and also for your benefits process your personal data for the above purposes. In several cases the association also bases its processing of personal data on consent to do so as well as on-duty under law.

How long is your personal data stored?
Entrepreneurs Academy Board makes an annual assessment of the purpose of the processing of personal data remains. If not the purpose of the processing of personal data remains the data to be deleted.

Sharing of information to third parties
Entrepreneurs Academy may share your personal information with the association’s partners. In such divisions, yours is treated personal data is always confidential and protected with appropriate security measures. This is ensured through written agreements that prevent third parties may use your information for their own purposes.

Entrepreneurs Academy is constantly working to ensure that privacy advises on the personal data the association processes. This means that clear procedure is in place to maintain good IT security and to prevent data breaches. In the case of personal data, the incident is Entrepreneurs Academy’s required to report this to The Swedish Data Protection Authority within 72 hours. This is the responsibility of the association’s board to do.

A cookie is a text file that your browser saves and stores on your computer.
Cookies contain information about website visits and are used to improve the visitor experience on the site. A first-party cookie is a cookie that ensures you can navigate a website and use its features satisfactorily.
These cookies are only stored in your browser while you visit one website and requires no consent to be used by the site owner. Entrepreneurs Academy uses first-party cookies when you visit any of the association’s websites. A third-party cookie is a cookie placed by a company other than the owner of the website and thus requires the consent of the person who visits the site before use. Entrepreneurs Academy’s websites use Google analytics tools to collect information about how visitors use the sites. Entrepreneurs Academy uses this information to create added value for visitors of these sites.

Change in policy
Entrepreneurs Academy’s Board of Directors is responsible for updating this policy in accordance with new laws and regulations and when procedures change. We recommend that you as a member regularly stay updated about how your personal data is processed. You can easily do this by taking note of this privacy policy. In case of major changes you will is informed in one of Entrepreneurs Academy channels. Entrepreneurs Academy’s privacy policy is continuously reviewed and updated as needed.

Responsible for personal data and contact information
Entrepreneurs Academy’s Board of Directors is responsible for personal data the processing of personal data that takes place within the framework of the association activity.

You can contact the association at any time via for questions about your personal information.

Address: Klostergatan 10, 753 21 Uppsala.


Corporate identity number: 802447-1974

Last updated 2019-07-01.